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Avatar (1997)

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The Nepali film 'Avatar' is brought to you by Balkrishna Tuladhar for Padhma Pictures, presenting a gripping revenge love story. Simant is introduced as a new actor in the lead role, while the young talent Master Ashish takes on a pivotal child artist role. Notably, the film also features special guest appearances by actors Deepak Chhetri and Sudhanshu Joshi.

The production team is led by chief assistant director Nilhari Kafle, with editing skills provided by Narendra Khadka, action sequences orchestrated by Rajendra Khadgi, and cinematography captured through the lens of Javed Shah. The film's choreography is skillfully crafted by Basanta Jung Rayamajhi and Kamal Rai. Shakti Ballav's music complements the storyline, which unfolds based on the director Prakash Sayami's script.


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