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Dakshina (1994)

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The film commences with the introduction of Hari Sir, a professor at T.U., whose teachings and philosophy are highly regarded by his students. Bhawana, Hari Sir's wife, is often referred to as Guru Aama. Prabhakar, an ambitious individual, is determined to become a leader at any cost. He persuades Pratap, one of the students, to join his party and become the leader of the campus, convincing other students to follow his Adarsha Party. Prabhakar perceives Hari Sir as an obstacle to his political aspirations and conspires against him, leading to Hari Sir's demotion as a primary teacher in a rural village.

Hari Sir, along with his family, decides to start a new life in the village. Upon arrival, he discovers that the school has been shut for years and the current teacher is a drunkard. He takes it upon himself to reopen the school and provide education to the children.

As time passes, Hari Sir's son, Akash, goes to college and becomes involved in illegal activities, leading to his arrest. Guru Aama suffers a heart attack upon hearing the news, and Hari Sir attempts to get Akash out of jail but fails. Pratap, who had previously conspired against Hari Sir, is now a DSP and learns about Hari Sir's situation. Guru Aama passes away, and Hari Sir discovers that Akash works for Prabhakar.

The film concludes with Hari Sir and Akash deciding to start a new life together, escaping from the cops.


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