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Harishchandra (1951)

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The history of cinema in Nepal traces its origins to the year 2008 (Bikram Era) when the first-ever Nepali feature film, titled "Harishchandra," was produced in Kolkata, India. This landmark film was directed, produced, and written by D. B. Pariyar, and it was released on September 14, 1951.

While some critics may not acknowledge it as the inaugural Nepali movie due to its production and filming location in India, it's important to recognize that the film was created in the Nepali language by individuals of Nepali origin. Therefore, it deserves credit as the pioneering Nepali film.

Regrettably, I have not had the opportunity to view the film myself, and I cannot provide insights into its content or storyline. If it is still available for viewing, I would greatly appreciate any suggestions on where it might be accessible for those interested in experiencing this historical cinematic work.

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