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London to Paris (2024)

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“London to Paris” is a captivating Nepali movie directed by Ghanshyam Lamichane. The film revolves around the experiences of youth and centers on a modern travel love story.

In the bustling city of London, we meet our protagonists: Nischal Khadka, a charming and ambitious young man, and Samragyee RL Shah, an independent and free-spirited woman. Fate brings them together during a chance encounter at the iconic Tower Bridge. Their initial interactions are marked by witty banter and undeniable chemistry.

As the story unfolds, Nischal and Samragyee embark on an adventurous journey from London to the romantic streets of Paris. Along the way, they explore picturesque landmarks such as Trafalgar Square, Wembley, and Heathrow. Their shared moments are filled with laughter, vulnerability, and unexpected twists.

However, love is never straightforward. Past secrets, cultural differences, and personal aspirations threaten to pull them apart. Can their love withstand the challenges posed by distance and destiny? Will London and Paris become more than just geographical destinations for Nischal and Samragyee?


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