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Thapathali, Kathmandu, Nepal

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Maitighar (1966)

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A young woman, who was born in Pokhara, found herself incarcerated for a period of 15 years. Surprisingly, she displayed no desire to be released from her confinement. Consequently, a police officer sought the assistance of a psychiatrist to understand her peculiar behavior.

During her sessions with the psychiatrist, she recounted her tale of falling in love with a man named Mohan and their subsequent marriage. They led a modest life together until Mohan ventured into the jungle for hunting, where he tragically lost his life.

Following Mohan's demise, his mother accused the woman, Maya, of being a witch who had caused her son's death, a belief that was prevalent in Nepal at that time. Consequently, the villagers labeled her as a witch and wished she had never been born.

Maya became the scapegoat for all misfortunes that befell the village, leading to Mohan's mother taking away their son. Faced with such hostility, Maya made the decision to leave the village, preferring to escape the torment of living in a house that resembled hell. As she attempted to flee, the villagers pursued her relentlessly.

In her desperate attempt to escape, Maya encountered a woman who sold her into the profession of dancing, confining her within her residence. Despite her efforts to break free, Maya's attempts proved futile. In a moment of despair, she even contemplated ending her own life within those walls, but her attempts were unsuccessful.

Eventually, Maya reluctantly accepted her circumstances and embraced her occupation. However, she yearned to see her son, Ratu, but was repeatedly denied access. Determined, she pleaded for the opportunity to reunite with her child, and eventually, her wish was granted.

Subsequently, Maya enrolled in a college where she shared her knowledge of ancient Nepal, as derived from her religious Hindu texts. She offered guidance to others on how to navigate life.

Upon her return from college in Kathmandu, Maya's master, Sahuji, blackmailed her into involving her daughter, Rekha, in prostitution. Driven to desperation, Maya resorted to poisoning Sahuji's food, resulting in his demise. As a consequence, she was sentenced to 15 years in prison. It was within the confines of the prison that she was reunited with her son, who had become a police officer.

As her final wish, Maya requested to meet her daughter before her imprisonment. After recounting her story, she tragically took her own life within the prison


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