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Mission Paisa (2009)

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This is a film about five youths who are ready to do everything for money. The Story starts from Kathmandu where two friends Sujal (Suraj R.D) and Raj (Nikhil Uprety) are college students. They are popular among friends. After college days, Sujal leaves to Hong Kong to earn money. Later Raj Also reaches there in search of his girl friend and employment. In Hong Kong, they two meet girls played by Ayusha Basnet and Nisha Adhikari. The story captures the struggle of Nepalese youths in relation with their ambition to earn unlimited money. Both of htem along with their girl friends join a gang for money in Hong Kong. Umfortunately, the boss played by gets killed and they have to return to Kathmandu. They greed of money didn't dies off instead it led them do commit crimes. More and more into it.... then in turn... suffering as consequences. It's a film that takes you on the edge of emotion portraying a picture what happens when a person runs after money. What is the and result when a person has one and only MISSION PAISA

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