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Mukundo (1999)

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The story unfolds in the heart of Kathmandu, where Dipak, a former army football player, works as a guard for a successful business, living contentedly with his loving wife Saraswati and their two young daughters in a modest apartment. Despite their happiness, their lives are marred by one unfulfilled desire: to have a son. As Saraswati's pregnancy brings hope, the anticipation of finally having a boy grows, but their joy is short-lived as the infant son dies.

Desperation engulfs the family, and Saraswati's health deteriorates as she grapples with bouts of depression. A mysterious sadhu advises her to seek help from the jhankrini, a spirit medium of the Tripura goddess, as he believes the goddess can fulfill her wishes.

In parallel, we discover the jhankrini, Gita, has a tumultuous history of her own. Married off to a mentally disturbed husband who eventually commits suicide, she becomes a medium after being diagnosed as "possessed" due to her emotional turmoil.

Fate and desire converge to bring Dipak, Saraswati, and Gita together. Gita's treatment appears to work, and the three form a unique connection. Saraswati, grateful to Gita, becomes fascinated by the spirit medium, who in turn is touched by Dipak's innocence. However, Saraswati's depression, fueled by her complex emotions for Gita, threatens her sanity. She returns to the goddess, and in a moment of clarity, decides to return to Gita, not only for her own healing but also for her husband's well-being.

On an important religious festival day, during a ritual cure, an unexpected incident unfolds. Gita and Saraswati engage in a violent struggle, each accusing the other of being bewitched. The frenzied devotees' drumbeats echo the ritual's frenzy. In the eerie aftermath of the festival, the true nature of the bewitching remains uncertain, leaving everyone disturbed and bewildered.

The narrative delves into complex human desires, spiritual beliefs, and the enigmatic boundaries between reality and mysticism, painting a haunting portrait of intertwined lives in Kathmandu.

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