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Parkhi Base Timilai (2024)

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"Parakhi Base Timilai" unfolds as a love story between Aabha and Akash. Aabha, hailing from an affluent family, serendipitously crosses paths with Akash, a pathao raider . Their friendship matures into love, navigating challenges rooted in honesty and service. Akash's unwavering principles lead to Aabha losing him, and her dreams of being Akash's bride are overshadowed by the constraints of sacrifice. Discovering Akash's employment in a Sikkim workshop, Aabha embarks on a visit, only to find a changed Akash with a new companion, Aakriti. This sets the stage for a triangular love story, prompting questions about Akash's identity. The narrative unfolds with unexpected twists, unraveling the intricate love tale of Aabha, Akash, and Aakriti.



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