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Saino (1988)

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Tripti is married to a man named Akaash, and they have a son named Binu. They decide to leave their life in another country and return to their homeland, where they find happiness together. However, their lives take a dramatic turn when Akaash, during a visit to the city, becomes involved in an illegitimate relationship with a woman named Asha.

Tragedy strikes when Tripti receives news of Akaash's death in an accident, and his body is brought back home. She continues to live her life with their son, Binu. Their lives change again when Danny comes to stay at their house, and he develops a strong friendship with Binu.

A menacing character named Madan Babu becomes fixated on Tripti and attempts to force her into becoming his wife. Despite Danny's efforts to protect her, Madan Babu's malicious intentions persist. He tries to incite the villagers against their relationship and plans to banish Tripti from the village.

Danny steps in to defend Tripti, proving Madan Babu's nefarious nature to the villagers, which results in Madan and his goons being beaten by the villagers.

An old woman warns them that they might face more threats like Madan in the future, suggesting they either marry or leave the village. However, when Danny approaches Tripti, the police arrest him, accusing him of killing her husband. Danny is stunned to learn that Tripti's husband was the man he killed, as he had caught him and Asha in an affair. Asha, too, was killed for her betrayal.

Danny expresses remorse and asks for Tripti's forgiveness, sharing his own painful experience of betrayal by his wife. Tripti forgives him and tells him that she and Binu will wait for him as he leaves the house.


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