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Aama (1964)

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Harka Bahadur, a man plagued by alcoholism and prone to physically abusing his wife, faces a turning point one day when his home is on the brink of repossession due to unpaid loan installments. In a moment of remorse, he promises his wife that he will give up drinking. However, later that same day, he returns home intoxicated and resumes his violent behavior towards his spouse. Tragically, fate takes a cruel turn as Harka Bahadur is struck by lightning and succumbs to his injuries.

Following his father's untimely demise, Harka's son, Man Bahadur (portrayed by Shiva Shankar), decides to leave his home and enlist in the army. After serving abroad for two years, Man returns to Nepal, only to discover that his mother has passed away. Grief-stricken by this loss, Man initially contemplates leaving Nepal. However, he is persuaded by his compassionate neighbors to remain in the village and contribute to the community. They emphasize the value of serving one's homeland, likening it to the virtue of serving one's own mother. Inspired by this wisdom, Man Bahadur commits to staying in Nepal and contributing to the nation's burgeoning economy.

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