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Basundhara Bhusal

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Basundhara Bhusal is a renowned Nepalese movie and theater actor, celebrated for her significant contributions to the world of Nepali cinema and performing arts. Born with a passion for the stage and screen, she has left an indelible mark on both the theater and film industry in Nepal.

Basundhara Bhusal's journey in the world of entertainment began in the 1960s when she embarked on her career in theater, gracing the stage with her talent in plays at the prestigious Rastriya Nachghar. Her dedication and prowess in acting quickly gained recognition, setting the stage for a remarkable career that would span decades.

One of her earliest and most notable contributions to Nepali cinema was her role in the groundbreaking film "Aama" (1964), the very first Nepali movie. This historic film marked the inception of a thriving Nepali film industry, and Basundhara Bhusal was among the pioneering actresses who helped shape its trajectory.

Throughout her illustrious career, Basundhara Bhusal has acted in over 135 feature films and appeared in 60 TV programs, showcasing her versatility and acting finesse. She has graced both the big and small screens, leaving an indomitable imprint on Nepali cinema.

Some of her notable cinematic works include "Ek Number Ko Pakhe," "Truck Driver," "Hijo Aaja Bholi" (the first Nepali film under a private banner and the fourth overall), "Paral Ko Aago" (adapted from the eponymous story by Guru Prasad Mainali), "Chhakka Panja" (the second highest-grossing Nepali film of all time), and "Prasad" (2018 film), among many others.

In recognition of her outstanding contributions to Nepali cinema and the performing arts, Basundhara Bhusal was honored with the prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award at the National Film Awards (Nepal) in 2016, a testament to her enduring legacy.

Beyond her remarkable career in entertainment, Basundhara Bhusal is known for her commitment to social causes. She co-founded and serves as the president of the Bhuwan Chaitya Basundhara Foundation, actively engaging in philanthropic endeavors. Her dedication extends to volunteering for social awareness programs, where she educates the public on pressing issues.

Basundhara Bhusal has also been a vocal advocate for gender equality in the Nepali movie industry, addressing the gender pay gap and promoting gender equity in the field.

With a career spanning several decades, Basundhara Bhusal continues to be a cherished figure in Nepali cinema and a beacon of inspiration for aspiring actors, all while championing social causes that make a positive impact on society. Her remarkable journey stands as a testament to her enduring passion for the arts and her commitment to creating a better world through her contributions on and off the stage and screen.

As Actress

Prasad (2018)
Gharbeti Aama
Shatru Gate (2018)
Sandhya's Mother
Aafnopan (2003)
Sudip's Mother
Beimani (2001)
Prakash's Mother
Apsara (2000)
Bikash's Mother
Jhajhalko (1994)
Suresh's Mother

As Legal Advisior

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