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Man Ko Bandh (1974)

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The Royal Nepal Film Corporation (RNFC) was established by the Government of Nepal in the year 2028 B.S. (Bikram Sambat), marking a significant milestone in Nepal's cinematic history. Under the banner of RNFC, the inaugural film "Man Ko Bandh" was brought to life. The film was helmed by director Prakesh Thapa, featuring music compositions by the talented duo Nati Kaji and Shiva Shanker. Adding depth to the cinematic experience, Amber Gurung was responsible for the background music.

The lead roles in "Man Ko Bandh" were portrayed by the actors Salyan K.C and Sushma Shahi, whose performances would leave an indelible mark on the audience. The film made its grand premiere in Kathmandu during the year 2030 B.S., equivalent to the year 1973 AD.

This historic cinematic endeavor marked the beginning of Nepal's journey in film production and set the stage for the vibrant Nepali film industry that continues to flourish to this day. "Man Ko Bandh" holds a special place in the annals of Nepali cinema as the pioneering effort of the Royal Nepal Film Corporation.

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