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Neer Bikram Shah

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Neer Bikram Shah, also known as Nir Shah, is a multi-talented Nepalese individual with a diverse career spanning the realms of film, business, and culture. Hailing from a family connected to the Royal family of Nepal, he has made significant contributions in various fields.

**Film Career:**
Neer Shah is a prolific figure in the Nepali film industry. He has worked as a movie actor, poet, lyricist, movie director, producer, and businessman. Notably, he has been involved in the production and co-production of numerous Nepali movies. Some of the films he directed, produced, or co-produced include "Basudev," "Pachchis Basanta," "Basanti," and a Nepal Bhasa movie titled "Rajamati."

One of his remarkable achievements is being a co-producer of the Oscar-nominated film "Himalaya - l’enfance d’un chef," which was directed by the French filmmaker Eric Valli. This film, released under different titles in various countries, marked a significant milestone as the first Nepali film to receive an Oscar nomination.

Neer Shah has also displayed his acting prowess by taking on diverse roles in Nepali movies, including antagonistic and character roles. He has even made guest appearances in Bollywood films. As a talented writer, he has penned numerous Nepali and Nepal Bhasa songs, some of which have been performed by renowned singers like Narayan Gopal. Additionally, he has contributed to scriptwriting for some of his films.

In 2001, he served on the jury of Film South Asia ‘01, a festival dedicated to South Asian documentaries.

**Business Career:**
Neer Shah's influence extends to the business world. He played a crucial role as the founder of Nepal Television (NTV), Nepal's first television station. He currently serves as the chairman of Shangri-La TV (STV), a company involved in film production and microwave TV distribution. STV has produced programs for NTV and provided cable television services in the Kathmandu valley.

Beyond Nepal, Neer Shah holds a significant stake (33%) in a UK-based company called Galaxy, which is engaged in broadcasting Nepalese TV channels overseas.

Alongside Nirmal Nicholas Paul, he co-founded the production company "888 Films," which produces both Nepalese and Hindi films. He also established National Studio, a platform that offers training in various aspects of cinema production. Neer Shah is a co-owner of New Century Pictures Pvt. Ltd., a film production company. Moreover, he contributes to the Governing Council of the College of Journalism and Mass Communication in Nepal.

In recognition of his substantial contributions to the promotion of Nepalese art, culture, and the tourism industry, he was felicitated by the Minister for Culture, Tourism, and Civil Aviation in 2002.

As Actor

Chhakka Panja 3 (2018)
Kaji (Raja's Father)
Pal (2011)
Sushma's Father
Siudo Ko Sindoor (2001)
Kuber (Prasant's Father)
Yo Mayako Sagar (2000)
Avayajung (Mala's Father)
Naata Ragatko (2000)
Dhirendra Thakur
Sathi (1998)
Dipak's Father
Allare (1997)
Sagar's Father
Karodpati (1997)
Rakshya's Father
Balidan (1997)
SP Karna Dhoj
Prem Pinda (1993)
General Aidwin

As Director

As Screenplay

As Production Designer

As Lyricist

As Producer

As Legal Advisior

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