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Basudev (1984)

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The story revolves around Basudev Kattel (Harihar Sharma), a struggling professor in Kathmandu, Nepal, who is facing financial hardships. His friend Kumar (Neer Shah) approaches him with a proposal to join an illegal business scheme in exchange for a loan, which strains their relationship. Basudev and Kumar engage in heated arguments, often in front of mutual friends, debating the value of financial prosperity versus leading a principled life.

The situation worsens when Kumar discovers that his only daughter, Sangita (Sharmila Shah), is in a romantic relationship with Prem (Krishna Malla), Basudev's son. Kumar initially attempts to persuade Basudev to engage in illegal activities as a precondition for allowing Sangita to marry into Basudev's family, believing it will elevate Basudev's economic status. When both Basudev and Prem reject this proposition, Kumar resorts to having Basudev fired from his job.

Matters take a dire turn when Basudev's youngest son is diagnosed with a kidney ailment that requires treatment in India. With contributions from friends and family, Prem and Sangita manage to raise the necessary funds for the treatment and travel to Delhi with the ailing child. Kumar, unable to come to terms with his daughter leaving home for Prem, becomes intoxicated and goes to Basudev's residence. There, he attempts to assault Basudev's daughter and, when Basudev's elderly father and Sabitri intervene, he physically attacks them as well.

Upon learning of these events, Basudev is determined to put an end to the ongoing conflict. He breaks into Kumar's house, attacks him from behind, and strangles him to death using a tie. Following this act, Basudev walks into the night and ultimately succumbs to an apparent heart attack at his favorite spot in the city.

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