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Balidan (1997)

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The story revolves around the struggle for justice and democracy in Nepal, as a group of brave revolutionaries led by Bikram faces the oppressive Panchayat system. Tragedy strikes when one of their own is lost in a conflict with the police. Determined to continue the fight, Bikram disperses his comrades across Nepal.

Sangita, a member of the group, finds herself in Sirani village and encounters Arjun, a passionate young student. With Bikram's arrest, Arjun takes it upon himself to raise awareness about people's rights through their music.

The group's journey takes them to another village, where they meet a retired captain skeptical of their mission. He challenges them to promote inter-caste marriages as a symbol of unity. Arjun and Sangita decide to marry, but a jealous comrade betrays them to the police.

Arjun endures torture and imprisonment but never betrays his comrades. As he's being transferred to Palpa prison, he makes a daring escape but ultimately meets a tragic end. In the midst of the chaos, Sangita gives birth to their child, symbolizing the sacrifices made for the nation's greater good.

This compelling narrative highlights the unwavering commitment to justice and democracy, even in the face of adversity.


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