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Chino (1991)

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The story opens with the release of the antagonist, Rate (played by Sunil Thapa), from prison after serving a four-year sentence. He embarks on a quest to find Laxmi (played by Subhadra Adhikari), who had married and started a family while Rate was incarcerated. During a Tihar celebration at Laxmi's home, Rate locates her and a tense confrontation ensues. Tragically, Rate ends up killing Laxmi's husband. In a desperate bid to escape, Laxmi grabs her two children and sets their house ablaze before fleeing from Rate. Amid the chaos, one of the children is accidentally thrown into a river. Rate mistakenly believes that Laxmi met her demise in the river.

Meanwhile, Rate's son is discovered by Bau (played by Tulsi Ghimire) and taken to a Gumba (a Buddhist monastery) to determine if he survived. A monk at the Gumba performs a series of rituals, ultimately saving the child's life. Since no one steps forward to care for the child, Bau decides to adopt him, leading to a rift with his girlfriend and their eventual breakup.

Laxmi eventually returns home to retrieve her husband's ashes, vowing not to perform the death rituals until she avenges her husband's murder by Rate. As the film progresses, it follows the lives of the two children as they grow up and plan to seek revenge on Rate for the sake of their mother.


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