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Yo Mayako Sagar (2000)

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Bishal (Ramesh Upreti) is a college student in Kathmandu. He is in love with Lily (Saranga Shrestha), but he is a playboy who does not take relationships seriously. He is restricted from his college due to his misbehavior. Prior to this, he had already been expelled from every other college in Kathmandu. His father, Bishwa Pratap (Harihar Sharma), sends him to the college in Pokhara. Bishal plans to get expelled somehow from the college in Pokhara so he can go back to Kathmandu. However, he sees Mala (Jal Shah) and falls in love with her at first sight. He decides to stay in the city. On the other hand, Abhayjan (Neer Shah), Mala's father, wants to get Mala married. But Mala asks him for some time, and she promises him that if she does not get a life partner for herself in that time, she will get married to whoever her father wants her to get married with. Consequently, Mala and Bishal fall in love and decide to get married. Bishal is on his way to meet Abhayjan, but on the way, Pitambar (Sunil Thapa) hires a truck driver to kill him, and in an attempt to save himself, Bishal accidentally crashes into Abhayjan. Abhayjan gets furious and insults Bishal in front of people, and Bishal also gets angry at Abhayjan, and he also insults him for his disabled leg. Later, when Bishal arrives at Mala's house, he realizes that Abhayjan is her father. He apologizes to him, but he does not accept it. After their parents decline their relationship, Mala and Bishal run away. They get married and live in Sagar's (Rajesh Hamal) house. There, we get to see the back story of Sagar's life. He used to be a police inspector, and his brother-in-law was a terrorist, but he accidentally killed his wife too when she tried to save her brother. Later, Mala and Bishal are captured by Pitambar. However, they fight back with the help of their family and manage to escape. Abhayjan and Bishwa Pratap accept their children's relationship.



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