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Darpan Chhaya (2000)

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The storyline follows the intricate dynamics of friendship and love between Abhi, Raj, and Smriti, three college students whose lives intertwine in unexpected ways. Abhi, who is visually impaired, shares a profound bond with his best friend Raj, who takes care of him. However, their friendship faces a test when newcomer Smriti enters their lives, forming a connection with Abhi while creating a rift between Raj and herself due to a misunderstanding.

During a college picnic, a harmless prank takes an unfortunate turn when the boys develop allergic reactions after using leaves to cover themselves, leading to a misunderstanding with the principal. Despite the initial conflict, Smriti reconciles with Raj, fostering a budding friendship.

The plot thickens as both Abhi and Raj develop feelings for Smriti, leading to a complex love triangle. Misunderstandings and confessions unfurl during a crucial dinner, unveiling a past incident where Raj's actions inadvertently led to Abhi losing his vision, causing a rift between the friends.

Amidst the turmoil, Abhi's mother plays a pivotal role in reconciling the estranged friends. However, before they can confront Smriti about their revelations, they receive heart-wrenching news: Smriti is fighting a losing battle with terminal cancer. In a poignant moment, Smriti selflessly wishes to donate her eyes to Abhi and entrusts Raj to always stand by his friend's side.

As Smriti passes away, her selfless gesture cements the bond between Abhi and Raj. The story concludes with a poignant book reading session by Abhi and Raj, narrating their profound journey, titled 'Darpan Chaya,' signifying the reflection of their intertwined lives.

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