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Prem Pinda (1993)

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The film commences with a narrated video showcasing the General's palace, providing a brief overview of the practices during the regime. In the subsequent scene, a brother escorts his sister to the general's palace, intending to leave her there as a maid, and is compensated with a sum of Rs.60. The sister, Soni Rauniyar, embodies the archetype of a village girl who is both anxious and outspoken. She is subsequently taken care of by Kesari, who imparts upon her the fundamentals of the new palace lifestyle. The General bestows upon her the name Sabita. She quickly acquires knowledge and becomes enamored with the opulent lifestyles within the palace, consistently striving to earn the General's favor. As the General's favorite, she receives specialized training in dance. Concurrently, she develops affection for a fellow servant named Nakul, and their love is reciprocated. However, their relationship remains clandestine, concealed from the outside world. The General, perceiving the blossoming romance between Nakul and Sabita, endeavors to permanently separate them, driven by his cruel nature and a history of eliminating individuals who engage in affairs with his personal caretakers. If their secret affair were to be discovered, Nakul would face severe punishment, potentially even death. Despite the adversities and animosity they face, their love flourishes. Upon discovering their alliance, the General banishes Nakul and confines Sabita within the palace, subjecting her to house arrest. Despite his efforts, the General fails to win Sabita's affection and ultimately sends her away. Meanwhile, Nakul lies on his deathbed, his thoughts consumed solely by Sabita. In the final moments of the story, Sabita reunites with Nakul, sharing their last expressions of love. Following Nakul's demise, Sabita is overwhelmed with grief and sorrow. The film concludes with Sabita tragically taking her own life by leaping off a cliff, clutching Nakul's lifeless body.


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