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Kabaddi (2014)

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Kazi, a third-standard-failed young man from Mustang, Nepal, dreams of marrying Maiyya, daughter of his maternal uncle, by any means. Maiyya, a student of high school, on the other hand, is peeved by his idiotic behaviors. This rejection from Maiyya always disappoints Kazi but never disheartens him. Supported by his two childhood friends Beekay and Chantyal, he finally decides to marry Maiyya through capture marriage, which is illegal but still practiced by some ethnic communities in Mustang. To find her long-gone father and to continue her studies in Kathmandu, Maiyya elopes with a visitor named "Bibek". Inflamed by her disappearance, Kazi heads to Kathmandu in search of Maiyya and finds himself trapped in a city conspiracy. Bibek turns out to be a broken man trying to take revenge against Maiyya's father. Though Kazi succeeds in getting Maiyya safely back home, the duo's love story still fails to move forward, with Maiyya attending high school and Kazi waiting outside the school with a bouquet as usual.


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