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Kabaddi 4 - The Final Match (2022)

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The narrative follows Kaji, who aims to live as a monk due to relationship challenges, and Bam Kaji, his cousin, returning to their village. Kaji's refusal to marry prompts him to pursue a teaching job, coinciding with Shanti's arrival. Shanti's visit to her mother leads to an unexpected journey with both Kajis, revealing Bam Kaji's feelings for Shanti. Misunderstandings arise from a letter, leading to professional consequences for Bam Kaji. His desperation to win Shanti's affection results in drastic actions, including an attempted kidnapping. Ultimately, Kaji realizes his love for Shanti, leading to a dramatic rescue from a forced marriage. The story concludes with Kaji and Shanti embracing their affection without formal proposals.



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