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A Mero Hajur 3 (2019)

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Arya, a simple modern girl, is a big fan of singer Prem. Prem who is a singing sensation is tired of his life wants to live a normal life free of work load and stardom behind of him. So, with the help of his friend Hari he transforms himself to Ghanshyam Maharjan. Prem meets Arya after various encounters and gradually Prem starts to love her. But he mostly spends most of her time as Ghanshyam Maharjan whom she meets at an event where all people think him as Prem. Then he, proposes her revealing his identity that Ghanshyam and Prem are the same.

Arya rejects him making excuses of bet with her friend. Prem becomes heartbroken. He thinks that she only played with him to win the bet. Prem is sponsored by Suprim who takes care of Prem and is strict to him who also hates his bond with a fan. After he learns that they are no longer in touch after that bet issue he becomes happy.

Later, Prem learns that Arya is suffering from cancer and is dying. This was why she rejected her proposal as she cannot bear that she could not be together with the man whom she loves most on this planet. At last moment of Arya, she says that they share a special bond, and Arya promises she will come in next birth just for Prem. Prem is interviewed by a reporter where he shares his story. The film ends on a sad note.



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