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Nai Nabhannu La 4 (2016)

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Neer (Paul Shah), Protagonist a heart broken young man running away from police invaded the house where Aani (Priyanka Karki) and Shishir (Anubhav Regmi) live. When Ani asks him about his past and reason behind running away from police Neer tells them that he and Aanchal (Aanchal Sharma) were in relationship and they are about to marry. On the marriage day, Aanchal was kidnapped and raped by the stranger, Aanchal was broken and commit suicide by jumping from the building. Neer killed all the stranger and ran away thus taking revenge.[3][4] Anjana (Barsha Raut) who is the niece of Aani, falls in love with Neer for his innocence. After the enormous try, Anjana help Neer to back in his real life. But the incharge of the murder case turns out to none other than her father (Saroj Khanal), who when comes to visit Aani and Anjana finds that Neer is hiding in their house. After some dramatic events, Neer runs from the house and is chased by police, where he gets killed by Anjana's father. Anjana is shattered and deeply heartbroken. She becomes mentally ill. She then always visits Neer's coffin and dedicates her life to Neer in tragedic climax.

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