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Nai Nabhannu La 5 (2018)

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From a young age Neer (Anubhav Regmi) and Anjana (Sedrina sharma) were in love however Anjana dies at a young age. Then, many years later Anjana's twin sister falls in love with older Neer, however Neer isn't interested in her.[10] Anjana's sister and Neer keep walking on those streets where they used to walk. She tells him that she is his love but he does not care about her. He has no interest in her. At last, she leaves him on boat and he goes to her home to see her. However, he finds out that Anjana's sister is just sitting there and reading the diary written by him. She says she has met him only once. He then realizes that the one with whom he spent all those moments was Anjana herself. He had encountered with her spirit. He then returns to the same place and pleads with Anjana to come back. However, Anjana's sister appears there and they both hug each other.



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