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Silu (1987)

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The story revolves around a romantic relationship between Hira and Tuyu Maicha. Hira falls in love with Tuyu Maicha, but she initially does not reciprocate his feelings. However, after various attempts to win her over, including a heroic act where Hira saves her from a bear, Tuyu Maicha starts to like him. Despite the initial disapproval of Tuyu Maicha's father, the two eventually get married.

Later in the story, Hira embarks on a pilgrimage with his friends to a holy place called Silu, leaving Tuyu Maicha behind due to a tradition that husband and wife should not go together. However, Tuyu Maicha secretly follows them. During their journey, they encounter bandits who abduct Tuyu Maicha. Hira's determination to rescue his wife leads him to seek the help of a Baba (holy saint), and together, they manage to free Tuyu Maicha from the bandits.

After a dramatic rescue and battle, Hira, Tuyu Maicha, and the Baba escape on a boat, sailing away together. The story highlights themes of love, determination, and the challenges faced by the couple in their quest to be together.

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